Premier League 2021/22 – End of Season Report

The 2021 / 22 Premier League season ended on Sunday 22nd May with a thrilling last round of fixtures which ended with Manchester City pipping Liverpool to the title, winning their 4th Premier League in the last five seasons. At the foot of the table, Leeds United survivied with a final day victory which means that Burnley will be joining already relegated Norwich City and Watford.

As the season has ended, I will follow my tradition of taking a more in depth look into the kits worn through this season, some stats and information behind these kits.

Kit Stats

  • 760 Kits worn (380 Games)
  • Home Kit used 74% of the time (68% Default, 6% Variations)
  • Away Kit used 16% of the time (14% Default, 2% Variations)
  • 3rd Kit used 10% of the time (9% Default, 1% Variations)
  • 101 Kits different Kit Variations worn by the 20 teams
  • Home Kits – 42.6% of total Kit Variations used:
    • 21 Home Kits worn (Arsenal wearing 22/23 Home Kit this season)
    • 22 Home Kit variations used
  • Away Kits – 30.7% of total Kit Variations used:
    • 20 Away Kits worn
    • 11 Away Kit variations used
  • 3rd Kits – 26.7% of total Kit Variations used:
    • 18 3rd Kits used
    • 9 3rd Kit variations used
    • Crystal Palace did not use 3rd Kit in 21/22
    • Manchester United did not use registered 3rd kit, only variations (x3)
  • Goalkeeper Kits:
    • 65 Goalkeeper used
    • Arsenal used Away Kit as a Goalkeeper kit for the second season running
    • Wolverhampton Wanderers were only team to use alternative socks with Goalkeeper kits, using alternative black socks for both 2nd / 3rd choice Keeper Kits

Overview of Kits Used

Kit Overview

Kit Log, Match 1 to Match 19

Kit Log, Match 20 to Match 38

Kit Variations

Looking in more detail at the Kit Variations worn by the Premier League Teams:

  • Manchester United in 11 Kit variations – Home Kit x4, Away Kit x4, 3rd Kit x3
  • Aston Villa in 8 Kit variations – Home Kit x4, Away Kit x2, 3rd Kit x2
  • Two Teams in 7 Kit variations
    • Arsenal – Home Kits x4 (including 22/23 Home Kit), Away Kit, 3rd Kit x2
    • Newcastle United – Home Kit x3, Away Kit x3, 3rd Kit
  • Three Teams in 6 Kit variations
    • Brighton & Hove Albion – Home Kit x2, Away Kit x2, 3rd Kit x2
    • Everton – Home Kit x3, Away Kit, 3rd Kit x2
    • West Ham United – Home Kit x3, Away Kit, 3rd Kit x2
  • Five Teams in 5 Kit variations
    • Burnley – Home Kit, Away Kit x2, 3rd Kit x2
    • Chelsea – Home Kit x2, Away Kit x2, 3rd Kit
    • Leeds United – Home Kit x2, Away Kit x2, 3rd Kit
    • Manchester City – Home Kit x2, Away Kit x2, 3rd Kit
    • Southampton – Home Kit x3, Away Kit, 3rd Kit
  • Most variations of Home Kit – 4:
    • Arsenal (inclucing 22/23 Home Kit)
    • Aston Villa
    • Manchester United
  • Most variatons of Away Kit – 4:
    • Manchester United
  • Most variations of 3rd Kit – 3:
    • Manchester United
    • However they did not wear their default 3rd Kit (Dark Blue shirts, Black shorts, Yellow socks)
  • Six Teams did not wear any Kit Variations, just default Home, Away or 3rd Kits
    • Burnley
    • Crystal Palace (only wore Home and Away Kits)
    • Leicester City
    • Liverpool
    • Norwich City
    • Watford
  • Most worn Home Kit – 32, Norwich City and Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Most worn Away Kit – 14, Brentford
  • Most worn 3rd Kit – 6, Burnley
  • No Fourth Kit used this season, second season in a row.
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers used 5 Goalkeeper Kit variations
  • Three teams used 4 Goalkeeper Kit Variations
    • Arsenal (including outfield Away Kit)
    • Brentford
    • Manchester City

Kit Grid

Below is a graphic of what kits where worn against what teams, its one that I share on a weekly basis on my Twitter Account – @Kit_Geek

Kit Tables

One area I like to look at is a team’s performance in their kit, I have created the below tables (Home, Away and 3rd Kit), all shirt variations are included in each section, e.g. Manchester United’s 4 Home Kit variations are all included in the “Home Kit” Table and based on “Points per Game” used ratio.

Home Kits

As you would expect Manchester City and Liverpool head up the “Home Kit” table with a points per game score of 2.44 and 2.43 respectively, Arsenal making up the top three with 1.96 points per game in their Home Kits.

Liverpool scored the most points overall, with 73 points in their 30 games in their home kits.

Only two teams scored under 1 point per game in their Home Kit and again no surprises that it was the relegated Teams of Watford and Norwich City.

Away Kits

The top two slots in the Away Kit table are again taken up by Manchester City and Liverpool, however here there was a larger gap between the two, with “City” scoring 16 points in the six games away kits were used, only dropping points once in the draw at Crystal Palace, the most points won in an Away kit.

Tottenham Hotspur had a good season in their change kits, ended undefeated in their away kit to complete the top 3 in the “Away Kit” Table, Brighton & Hove Albion also ended the season unbeaten in their away kit wearing the kit 7 times in total and scoring 13 points to end joint 5th with Chelsea in this table.

There were 7 teams who averaged 1 point or lower in their away kit, including Mid table finishers Brentford, Crystal Palace and 8th placed Leicester City who only managed 4 points in their away kit.

3rd Kits

The 3rd Kit table has a different look to it, with Chelsea who only wore their 3rd Kit once in The Premier League and were victorious end with a maxium 3 points per game, Tottenham Hotspur (unbeaten in their 3rd Kit) finished second with 10 points from 4 games, only dropping points in their draw with Southampton.

Manchester City scored the most points again, completing the change kit league double!

Two teams scored “0” points in their 3rd Kit, with Aston Villa (5) and Watford (2), with a total of 9 teams scoring an average of 1 point or lower, this does not include Crystal Palace did not use their 3rd Kit.

Summary and Highlights

There were plenty of discussion points through the season with the kits used, some of the highlights for me are the following:

Crystal Palace only used two kit variations through out the season, just their home and away kits, this meant we did not see their wonderful 3rd kit in action in the Premier League, it was used in the Cup however.

Wolverhampton Wanderers went 23 League games in row in their home kit, this meant the last time they wore a change kit was on Saturday 11th December 2021 against Manchester City. They wore their home kit a total of 32 times, which was joint highest in the Premier League this season.

In their first season in The Premier League, Brentford wore change kits in 18 of their 19 away games, wearing their away kit 14 time and 3rd kit 4 times, the only time they wore their home kit away from The Community Stadium was against Manchester City on Wednesday 9th February 2022.

Tottenham Hotspur ended the season unbeaten in change kits, wearing their away kit 3 times (2 wins and 1 draw) and their 3rd kit 4 times (3 wins and 1 draw). A great season for two designs that have divided kit lovers but in this Kit Geek’s opinion are two great looking kits.

Brighton & Hove Albion wear undefeated in their “Hyper-Turq” Away kit, wearing it a total of 7 times (3 wins and 4 draws), interestingly they only worn the default version of the kit with black shorts once, at Everton.

There were three teams that wore four distinct goalkeeper kits…



Manchester City

There we have it, The Premier Leagues’s End of Season Kit report for 2021/22, please let me know your favourite kit highlights from this division on the comments below or over at Twitter – @Kit_Geek

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