Premier League – Kit Log and all the information you might need!

We are now over a quarter of the way through the season, so this feels like the ideal time to take a deeper look into the Kits worn so far in the 2019/20 season.

Followers to my Twitter account – @Kit_Geek will know that I do keep weekly updates on kits via the “Kit Grid” with some high level stats for those of you like me who like to see the numbers behind the kits worn.

Kit Grid, Match Day 10:


Kit Stats

10 Rounds of fixtures into the season, means 200 Kits worn. Taking a look at little at some of the overall kit stats:

  • Home Kits worn – 71% (65% Full Kits, 6% Home Kit variation)
  • Away Kits worn –  18% (14.5% Full, 3.5% Variation)
  • 3rd Kits worn – 10.5% (8.5% Full, 2% Variation)
  • 4th Kit worn – 0.5%

Looking at points won by teams in their Home, Away, 3rd (and 4th) Kits – This includes variations of each Kits.

  • Home Kits – 191 Point won, at an average of 1.35 Points per game
  • Away Kits – 45 Points won, at an average of  1.25 Points per game
  • 3rd Kits – 34 Points won, at an average of 1.62 Points per game
  • 4th Kit – 1 Point won, so 1 Point per game

So it appears that a team wearing their 3rd kit is likely to score more points, with 5 teams having 100% win records when in their 3rd choice outfit this season, those teams:

  • Liverpool (3 games)
  • Crystal Palace and Manchester City (2 games)
  • Bournemouth and Newcastle United (1 game)

Point per game by Team:

Home Kits


Away Kits


3rd / 4th Kits


Kit Variations

One thing I particularly like keeping an eye out for is variations of kits worn, below is the update by team and the kits they have worn in the League this season:

  • 69 Variatons of Kit Worn
  • Liverpool have worn 5 variations of Kits (due to sock changes on Home / 3rd Kit)
  • 9 Teams have worn 4 variations of Kits
  • 8 Teams have worn 3 variations of Kits
  • Newcastle United and Norwich City have worn just 2 variations of their Kits, both being Home and 3rd Kits





Of the 59 Registered Kits, we have not seen 5 in the Premier League this season:

  • Chelsea 3rd Kit
  • Everton 3rd Kit
  • Leicester City 3rd Kit
  • Newcastle United Away Kit
  • Norwich City Away Kit

The Order that teams have worn Kits:





Goalkeeper Kits

Something new that I have been tracking this season is what the Goalkeepers are wearing this season, below are the Goalkeeper kits worn per game

  • 55 Goalkeeper Kits worn in 2019/20




And there we have it, a fairly comprehensive view of the Kits worn in the Premier League so far in 2019/20.

I always like to end my kit round ups with my favourite Kit match up of the recent weeks, for me it was last week’s (26th October) game between Watford and Bournemouth.  Bournemouth changing to white shorts and socks to avoid the clash with Watford’s…. giving us inadvertently a tribute to Luther Blisset.


Please let me know your thoughts, favourite kits and comments below or over on my Twitter Account – @Kit_Geek

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